OA Defense engineers and manufactures innovative forward-thinking firearm platforms designed to enhance the performance capabilities of high-level shooting sports athletes, law enforcement officers, and military special operations personnel.


The OA Defense team is comprised of individuals from all backgrounds with a wide range of skills and expertise. Military veterans, industry professionals, engineers, skilled tradesmen, and more all come together each day; providing an invaluable amalgam of insights, skills, and experience.


Our end users directly drive our design philosophy, mandating the features and functionality that we incorporate into our products. This function-first mindset allows us to expand the envelope of what is possible, blending time-tested platforms and operating systems with new materials, technology and manufacturing processes.


We are driven by a constant pursuit of innovation and performance. Each product that OA Defense develops undergoes countless rounds of design revisions, exhaustive safety testing, and meticulous quality control to ensure optimal performance and reliability from every product that leaves our facility.

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